Steve is a retired executive from the computer industry; he started programming in his early teens and continued with a Computer Science degree from North Carolina State in 1983. Although his technical background played an important role in his work, he never programmed as a career. Steve worked for twelve years at IBM’s Research Triangle Park site, the largest IBM facility in the world. He worked in a variety of quality assurance and business roles before creating a 40-person technical marketing group. His final role at IBM was the Strategy Manager for the Networking Hardware Division. Looking for more of a challenge, Steve left IBM in 1995 with three co-workers and started Ganymede Software. The company produced programs to test and monitor the performance of computers networks and their associated equipment. Steve’s jobs included CTO, and running marketing and business development. The company grew rapidly, from the four founders to 100 employees when it was sold to NetIQ in 2000. Steve continued to work for NetIQ for three more years as the head of the Network Division before deciding to leave.

What started as a one-year sabbatical became retirement. Steve and his wife moved to Park City, Utah, where he is very involved in non-profits.